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Grease Applications

Super Lube

Super Lube® Multi Purpose Grease
Plain, anti-friction, ball, roller, wheel bearings
Cams, slides, valves, conveyors, chains
Food processing equipment
Caliper assembly and bearing grease
Hubs, axles, chassis, shocks, springs
Seat regulators and tracks
Fifth wheels
Parts lubricant
Winches, pulleys, snaps
Trailer and buddy bearings
Dielectric grease, battery protector
Campers, trailers, bicycles, guns, fishing gear, motorcycles, hunting gear
Weight and fitness equipment
Linkages, hinges and locks
Lawn mowers, garage doors, snow blowers, sewing machines
Faucets and pool pumps
Garden and farm equipment

Silicone Dielectric Grease
Lubricates and moisture proofs
Protects battery cables, spark plugs, distributor caps
Cable connections
Terminal strips and disconnects

Silicone Lubricating Grease
Treadmills, exercise equipment
Rubber gaskets
Tools, mold release
Grommets, locks
Food manufacturing equipment
Electronic equipment, plastic parts
High speed machinery
Weather stripping

High Temperature/Extreme Pressure Grease
Plain (journal, sleeve, guide) bearings
Anti-friction or roller bearings
Tenter frames
Bakery conveyor bearings
Blower fan bearings
Lithographic ovens
Plywood drying ovens
Paint and ceramic curing ovens
Furnace door hinges
Oven damper controls
Corrugating machinery
Sluice Gates

Oil Applications

Oil with PTFE
Plain, anti-friction and roller bearings
Reciprocating compressor lubricant additive
Machine ways and tools
Centralized lubricating systems
Straight, helical, bevel and spiral gears
Enclosed industrial gears
Gear head motors

Lightweight Oil
General light oil applications
Textile spindles
Grinder arbor bearings
Ring oiled bearings
Wick feeds
Bottle and air line oilers
Oil cups
Enclosed chains
Light circulating systems
Food grade chain lubricant

Air Tool Oil
 Air impact tools
 Percussion tools
 Household shop tools
 All oil lubricated air tools
 Air line lubricators
 Air misting and dripping applicators

Synthetic Gear Oil
Spur Gears
Helical Gears
Herringbone Gears
Rack and pinion Gears
Straight bevel Gears
Spiral bevel Gears
Worm Gears (E.P.)
Chain drive
Circulating systems
High temperature chains
Oil lubricated bearings
Gear boxes

Aerosol Applications

Multi Purpose

Bearings, Conveyors, Chains, Pumps, Open gears
Calipers, Chassis, Dielectric grease, Door hinges and locks, Shocks & springs, Trunk latches, Battery protector, Power antennas
Snaps, Zippers, Winches & pulleys, Inboard and outboard drives, Prop shafts, Rollers, Sail tracks
Windows, Locks, Garage doors, Lawnmowers, Pool pumps, Sewing machines, Appliances, Tools, Toys
Recreational and Sporting
Fishing, Bicycles, RV’s, Roller blades, Hunting, Weightlifting equipment


Exercise equipment
Rubber gaskets
Tools, mold release
Grommets, locks
Food manufacturing equipment
Electronic equipment, plastic parts
High speed machinery
Weather stripping

Dri Film

Industrial slides & glides
Intricate clockworks
Door Locks and Lock Cylinders
Chains, Cable swivels
Tools, Mold Release
Pipe Fittings
Door and Trunk hinges
Precision Instruments
Electronic equipment
Electrical equipment
High speed machinery
Musical instruments
In-line skates and Bicycles
Radio controlled cars, boats, and planes


Cleans & Penetrates
Loosens rusted parts
Frees sticky mechanisms
Stops squeaks
Protects against rust & corrosion
Drives out moisture
Leaves a protective lubricating film

The examples above are a small sample of the applications Super Lube® Grease and Oil Lubricating Specialty Products can be used for. If you have a question on which product is best suited for your application, contact us or call 1-800-253-LUBE (5823) today.

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