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How do I remove Super Lube®

How to remove Super Lube


How to remove Super Lube®




By design, Super Lube® is tenacious and meant to stay where it is applied. However, sometimes it ends up where it is not wanted. The question is frequently asked, “What do I use to remove it? I tried soap and water, but it didn’t work.”


In reality, the best way to remove it is to dissolve it, and absorb it in a paper towel or rag. This is done with solvents, such as Heptane, Hexane, Perchloroethylene (dry-cleaning fluid),

Methyl Ethyl Keytone (MEK), or D’ Limonene (a citrus cleaner). These solvents are industrial fluids, should be used with caution, and may be difficult to find for the average person. In addition, they may react by dissolving more than the Super Lube®, especially if the item is plastic.


Less aggressive solvents that work, although not as well, are Mineral Spirits and Alcohol.

Super Lube® Super Kleen Cleaner/Degreaser is a specially formulated, industrial strength, multi-purpose non-solvent solution designed for cleaning dirt, grease, grime and ink on virtually any water safe surface. It will safely remove Super Lube® Grease.


It has been reported that Eucalyptus Oil removed Super Lube® from human hair.

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