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Industries served and examples of Super Lube® in use

  • Hardware – hinges, doors, sliding door rails, power tools, wrenches, jack hammers, nail guns, air tools.
  • Locksmiths – door locks, combination locks, automobile locks, commercial locks, residential locks, bank vaults, dead bolts, locksets, tumblers.
  • Sporting Goods– fishing rods, guns, rifles, cross bows, paint ball guns, treadmills, roller blades, cycling, skateboards, RVs, ATVs.
  • Home & Garden – garden tools, door hinges, windows, garage doors, lawnmowers, door locks, nuts & bolts, appliances, bikes, tricycles, toys.
  • Marine – pleasure boats, fishing boats, power speed boats, tugs, barges, ocean liners, marine equipment, engines, winches, trailer rollers.
  • Agriculture – Harvesters, tractors, planting equipment, tilling equipment, plows, utility vehicles, irrigation equipment, hoppers.
  • Construction – Bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, concrete mixers, drills, graders, cranes, dump trucks, generators, conveyors, forklifts.
  • Transportation – tractor trailers, heavy duty trucks, busses, commuter trains, trolleys, freight trains, container ships, merchant ships.
  • Automotive – door hinges, door locks, trunk latches, sunroofs, truck hitches, trailer bearings, winches, tailgates.
  • Food & Beverage – canning lines, bottle conveyor, packing lines, filling machines, meat processing, dairies, brewers, bakers.
  • Industrial – Gear boxes, milling machines, robotics, printing presses, conveyors, mining equipment, oil drilling.
  • Energy & Utilities – wind power, floodgates, gas turbines, nuclear power, electric power, power generators, electric motors, furnaces.
  • Aviation – airport escalators, luggage carousels, automatic doors, luggage carts, moving walkways, airport vehicles, utility carts.

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