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Is Fumed Silica harmful?

Is Fumed Silica Harmful

Is Fumed Silica Harmful?


Many lubricant manufacturers use agents such as Lithium, Calcium, Aluminum or Bentonite clay to thicken their base oil into grease.


Super Lube® utilizes Fumed Silica as its thickening agent.


Fumed Silica is a non-hazardous food grade material used to thicken many products such as toothpaste, aspirin, cosmetics, adhesives and lubricants.


Fumed Silica is amorphous and does not possess the fibrogenic potential of many cancer causing crystalline silicas. Fumed Silica is not considered a hazardous chemical under the OSHA Communication Standard (29 CFR Sec. 1910.1200). It does not have a specifically assigned PEL or TLV, and is categorized under the heading of "Particulates Not Otherwise Classified".


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