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Substituting Super Lube® for another lubricant

How can I tell if Super Lube® Grease will replace the conventional petroleum-based grease I currently use?

There are three items to consider:

Viscosity: Super Lube® in grease form will replace other greases with a National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) #2 grease thickness. This is the thickness of most multi-purpose and bearing greases. As a comparison, NLGI #4 greases are very thick and tacky while NLGI #00 greases are almost as thin as an oil.

Temperature Range: Super Lube® in grease form will replace other greases operating at temperatures within a range of -45°F to +450°F continuously and 500°F intermittently.

Application: Super Lube® will replace greases used for most applications other than extreme shock and pressure environments where molybdenum disulfide Moly type grease or anti-seize lubricants are typically used. For extreme shock applications use Super Lube® High Temperature Extreme Pressure Grease.

Does the lubricant now on my machinery need to be removed prior to switching to Super Lube®?

Although it is always best to remove the previous lubricant, it's usually not necessary to drain and flush the system. Super Lube® is compatible with most petroleum-based greases and mineral oils. In most cases, all that is required is that Super Lube® be pumped into the bearing, purging the old grease out. Run the bearings with vent ports open, until they come up to temperature, to allow for grease expansion.

Super Lube® should not be mixed with water-based cutting fluids or coolants. Super Lube® should not be mixed with silicone lubricants.

What type of bearings can Super Lube® be used on?

Super Lube® can be used on all types of bearings (i.e. plain, anti-friction, roller, ball, thrust, etc.) as long as it meets the load requirement of that particular bearing. The key word is load. Several load tests have been performed on Super Lube® and the results are as follows:

TEST Super Lube® Grease Super Lube® Oil with Syncolon Lightweight Oil
Four Ball Test, ASTM D2783
Load wear index 81.73 kg 42 kg 27 kg
Weld Point 400 kg 250 kg 130 kg
Timken OK Load, ASTM D2509 40 lbs 40 lbs N/A
Four Ball E.P. Scar Test, ASTM D4172 <.5 <.5 <.5

To determine if Super Lube® is suited to a particular bearing, refer to the bearing manufacturer's specification or the Timken OK Load or Four Ball EP ratings of the grease currently being used. If Super Lube's® ratings are equivalent or higher, it will meet the load requirement.

Can Super Lube® be used as a motor or transmission oil?

Super Lube® Engine Treatment can be used to enhance the operating temperature range and lubricity of motor and transmission oil (manual transmission only) by adding one part Super Lube® Engine Treatment to every four parts motor or transmission oil.

Super Lube® Oil with Syncolon® should not be used as a 100% replacement for motor or transmission oil, because it does not contain the necessary additives for automotive engine and transmission applications.

Aerosols are not permitted in our plant. What do you recommend?

Super Lube® Oil with Syncolon in the non-aerosol pump spray (item #51600).

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