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What is Super LubeŽ

What is Super Lube?

Super LubeŽ is a patented, multi-purpose synthetic lubricant, containing SyncolonŽ (PTFE) particles held in suspension. Super LubeŽ lasts longer and outperforms conventional petroleum-based greases and oils. It comes in Grease form, Oil with SyncolonŽ and a Lightweight Synthetic Oil. Packaging includes tubes, grease cartridges, aerosol, bottles, pails and drums.

How does the chemistry of Super LubeŽ differ from conventional petroleum based greases and mineral oils?

Super LubeŽ Grease and Oils are exceptionally pure lubricants because they are synthetic. This gives Super LubeŽ very stable and predictable chemical properties. Petroleum-based machine and gear oils are made from refined crude oil and contain impurities, which cannot be removed. These impurities interfere with film strength and wear protection. They also form deposits at high temperatures and solidify at low temperatures. The synthetic properties of Super LubeŽ Multipurpose Greases and Oils provide predictable viscosity and reliable film strength to reduce wear between moving parts. The addition of SyncolonŽ (PTFE) adds additional protection in the form of a long lasting solid lubricant.

How does Super LubeŽ Aerosols compare to aerosol lubricants like WD-40?

Aerosol lubricants such as WD-40 and '4-way' sprays do not have anti-friction properties. Squeaks are only temporarily stopped because the spray wets the surface and then quickly evaporates. These sprays are good for releasing frozen nuts and bolts, but not for lubricating.

Super LubeŽ in the aerosol form, is a fully rated bearing grease, thinned temporarily with a solvent carrier, that cleans and penetrates, then completely evaporates, leaving behind a coating of grease that provides long lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. Super LubeŽ in the aerosol form is an excellent chain and open gear lubricant. Super LubeŽ will also release frozen nuts and bolts.

How does Super LubeŽ compare to silicone aerosol lubricants?

Airborne silicone particles from silicone aerosol lubricants will leave deposits of silicone on shop surfaces. Because this can interfere with shop painting operations, some plants will not allow the use of silicone lubricants. Super LubeŽ contains no silicone. In addition, it will not wash away as readily as silicone spray lubricants.

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