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Where to use Super LubeŽ

Can Super LubeŽ be used as a motor or transmission oil?

Super LubeŽ Engine Treatment can be used to enhance the operating temperature range and lubricity of motor and transmission oil (manual transmission only) by adding one part Super LubeŽ Engine Treatment to every four parts motor or transmission oil.

Super LubeŽ Oil with SyncolonŽ should not be used as a 100% replacement for motor or transmission oil, because it does not contain the necessary additives for automotive engine and transmission applications.

Can Super LubeŽ be used as a valve lubricant and sealant?

Yes, Super LubeŽ Grease provides a non-curing moisture barrier for valve sealing and lubricating. It can be used on valves in swimming pools and other applications where there is contact with chlorine water, and it can be used in potable water applications.

Can Super LubeŽ be used as an o-ring lubricant?

Yes, Super LubeŽ Grease is an excellent lubricant that prevents wear between metal, plastic, and rubber parts. It is compatible with Buna, Nitrile, Viton, Neoprene and Silicone rubbers. Super LubeŽ Silicone Grease is also available for compounds that are not compatible with hydrocarbons.

Can Super LubeŽ be used as a dielectric grease?

Yes, Super LubeŽ has good electrical insulating properties and will protect electrical and electronic equipment. Synco also offers a Silicone Dielectric Grease version of Super LubeŽ.

Can Super LubeŽ be used as a heat transfer lubricant?

Yes, Super LubeŽ is thermally conductive. Super LubeŽ Oil with SyncolonŽ and Super LubeŽ Lightweight Oil are good for use in heat transfer circulating systems and do not contain detergents that cause foaming and oil carryover. Super LubeŽ Heat Sink Compound is formulated specifically as a heat transfer material for electrical and electronic circuits.

Can Super LubeŽ be used as a protective coating?

Yes, parts and equipment coated with Super LubeŽ will be protected from moisture and corrosion. Super LubeŽ contains both anti-oxidants and rust inhibitors. You can also use Super LubeŽ Anti-Corrosion Gel to protect electrical plugs and disconnects.

In what applications should Super LubeŽ not be used?

Extreme High Temperature: When temperatures exceed 600°F, very little base fluid oils remain to provide required lubrication. Solid additives such as lead, aluminum, copper or molybdenum are utilized.

Heavy, slow moving loads, especially with frequent starts and stops, require metal additives to handle the squeeze out of lubricant from the mating bearing surfaces. The metal additives are similar to those used in high temperature lubricants; lead, copper, aluminum.

High or pure oxygen environments: Although Super LubeŽ is categorized as non-flammable, it will burn. Oxygen accelerates the combustion process. If Super LubeŽ is used in a high oxygen environment, spontaneous combustion could occur.

After using Super LubeŽ, I sometimes see black on the metal surface. What is this?

Super LubeŽ also acts as a cleaner. The black you are seeing is dirt that has been drawn from the surface.

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