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The iconic Kroil name has become synonymous with the very best penetrating oils and lubricants for industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), and professional specialty trade markets.


Super Lube® - The Durable Choice for Fleet Vehicles

When you're ready to hit the road, you want to make sure that your vehicles are performing at their absolute best. We are dedicated to providing our customers with products that ensure their entire fleet can handle whatever the road throws at them. We make sure that your vehicle (big or small) will operate exactly as it should in the harshest conditions, no matter the application. From brakes to fifth wheels, hinges, electrical connections, engine assembly and more, Super Lube® gets the job done.

At Super Lube®, we can help you or your team identify exactly what lubricants will meet your needs and save you time and money. Your vehicles are important. Let us help you take care of them.

Super Lube® Meets All Your Automotive Needs

Super Lube® Engine Treatment is a versatile formulation that combines the special low-friction qualities of Syncolon® in a synthetic oil base to bond with metal surfaces and fill microscopic pores, substantially reducing engine wear. The Syncolon® resins attach to critical friction surfaces, especially cylinder walls and bearings.

Super Lube® Engine Treatment with Syncolon® protects your engine during cold starts when even the best motor oils are not effective. One treatment protects for more than 50,000 miles. It reduces engine wear and can be used in both diesel and gasoline engines.

Super Lube® Engine Treatment with Syncolon® can be used to enhance the operating temperature range and lubricity of motor oil by adding one part Super Lube® Engine Treatment to every four parts motor oil. Super Lube® Oil with Syncolon® should not be used as a 100% replacement for motor oil, because it does not contain the necessary additives for automotive engine applications.

Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with Syncolon® is designed to protect fine parts from rust and corrosion. Super Lube® can be used to lubricate wheel bearings, lubricate trailers, hubs, joints, and more. Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with Syncolon® will not wash off in water and saltwater applications, ensuring that you can tackle any weather that comes your way.

Super Lube® Engine Assembly Grease is a soft White NLGI 0 grease. Super Lube® Engine Assembly Grease is waterproof and is an excellent lubricant for anti-seize and engine assembly applications. It can be used on all types of metal for coating moving parts and engine rebuilding applications. Super Lube® Engine Assembly Grease provides a lubricant film to the engine that prevents scoring and reduces heat until the motor oil located in the crankcase has sufficient time to lubricate the engine.

Super Lube® Silicone Dielectric and Vacuum Grease is a specially formulated non-curing silicone compound that exhibits superior performance in both electrical and vacuum applications. It seals, protects, and insulates electrical components and connectors. It is waterproof and provides a barrier against moisture and other contaminants in many types of electrical contact points.


The National Lubricating Grease Institute is an international trade association that serves the grease and gear lubricant industry; NLGI has a grading system that assists customers in determining the viscosity or flow of any given grease. Super Lube® Greases have NLGI grades that can be found on their Technical Data Sheets.

Due to the large variety of specifications for Automotive Service Greases, established by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), it is difficult for grease manufacturers to make products that satisfy a wide breadth of applications. With the issuance of ASTM D4950 Standard Classification and Specification for Automotive Service Grease, it not only became possible but easy to offer the products needed.

Chassis lubricants receive a letter designation L and wheel bearing lubricants have a letter designation G. Performance Classifications within these groups result in two letter designations for chassis greases (LA and LB), and three for wheel bearing greases (GA, GB, and GC). The automotive industry is in general agreement that the highest performance classification, to date, in each group (LB and GC) is suitable for service relubrication.

To assist users, NLGI developed the NLGI Certification Mark. Many owner manuals advise users to use those greases with the NLGI Certification Mark on the label. Ensure that you are using the highest quality products in your vehicles by choosing Super Lube®. More information on this can be found on each product's page and Technical Data Sheet.

Super Lube® in Action

The world's largest vehicle sunroof manufacturer with operations in China, Japan, Korea, several EU countries, Mexico, and the U.S.A. depends on Super Lube® as the prime lubricant for all their roofing systems. They currently design, develop, and manufacture sunroofs and other innovative vehicle roofing systems for BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Chrysler, General Motors, Nissan, and more!

They offer the highest quality products with a 3-year warranty. They currently use Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease (NLGI 1) with Syncolon® as they need to provide their customers with a maintenance free sunroof. The sliding bars are lubricated with the grease prior to final assembly.

Another application was for one of the largest manufacturers of temperature control systems for commercial vehicle. With refrigerator systems for trailers and trucks, heating, air conditioning systems and ventilation for bus and passenger rail applications, this manufacturer had a wide variety of vehicle types to cater to. With road salts and dirt buildup creating poor electrical connections and malfunctions, they needed a preventative lubricant to protect the cargo in transit.

By applying Super Lube® to all exposed connectors, input studs, and wiring power lugs, a tough protective barrier was formed, helping to prevent corrosion and damage. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure maximum fleet efficiency.

Super Lube® Railroad Lubricants

Super Lube® keeps you on track! We have also developed lubricants designed specifically for railroad applications, ensuring that millions can get where they need to go.

Super Lube® Railroad Grease is a NLGI Grade 1 grease specially formulated for track side lubricators used to reduce the noise and wear associated with wheel flange to curved rail sections on light rail systems. The addition of Syncolon®, enhances the lubricity of the synthetic base oil, and accounts for the exceptionally long tracking results achieved, which reduces the number of lubricators required, resulting in overall cost savings. This product is dielectric, food grade and clean. Super Lube® Railroad Grease is an NSF registered Food Grade lubricant, rated H1 for incidental food contact and meets USDA 1998 H1 guidelines. Super Lube® Railroad Grease is Kosher Certified.

Super Lube® Railroad Switch Plate Lubricant with Syncolon® is designed to satisfy the mechanical requirements associated with railroad turnouts and switches. Super Lube® Railroad Switch Plate Lubricant with Syncolon® is a clean alternative to the conventional lubricants typically used. It operates over a wide temperature range from -45°F to 450°F (-43°C to 232°C), maintaining its basic consistency without drying or gumming up. Winter freeze ups are reduced, and wear is minimized.

Super Lube® High Viscosity Railroad Switch Plate Oil is a fortified track switch oil with anti-icing properties for railroad switch slide plates, throw rods and other moving parts. It is clean and dielectric. Super Lube® High Viscosity Railroad Switch Plate Oil is designed to lubricate switch plates that use rubber pads to help reduce shocks of vibration of a passing train. Our Switch Plate oil is compatible with most rubbers and plastics, making our product the best high viscosity option for lubrication and noise reduction. It operates over a wide temperature range from -45°F to 300°F (-43°C to 149°C), maintaining its basic consistency without drying or gumming up. Winter freeze ups are reduced, and wear is minimized.

We Can Answer Your Questions

Do you have questions? Are you unsure which product would work best for any given application? No worries. We can recommend the best lubricant for your specific need. No matter what problems you may face, Super Lube® is there to help. Click here to ask our lubrication experts a question about your equipment. We can also be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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Some Uses on Vehicles

  • Auto Lubrication Systems
  • Brakes
  • Chains
  • Cleaning/Degreasing
  • Door Hinges
  • Door Locks
  • Electrical Connections
  • Engine Assembly
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Seat Tracks
  • Spark Plugs
  • Sunroofs
  • Tailgates
  • Trailer Bearings
  • Trolleys
  • Truck Hitches
  • Trunk Latches
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Winches