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The iconic Kroil name has become synonymous with the very best penetrating oils and lubricants for industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), and professional specialty trade markets.

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Super Lube® - The Tough Choice for the World's Most Hostile Environments 

Downtime is unacceptable. Uninterrupted availability, reduced amperage, and lower frequency of greasing combined with increased equipment life is what our clients mining coal, copper, gold, and gravel demand.

Mining - The ideal setting for Super Lube®

Super Lube® lubricants are designed for adverse conditions typical for mining and power plants, including extreme loads, moisture, strong contamination, and temperature differences. They perform a myriad of functions including longer lasting anti-wear protection, low-temperature fluidity, oxidation stability and corrosion protection. Since our products are synthetic and have no metal base, they are ideal for gold and copper mines where non-metallic lubricants are required.

Mines use conveyors that move with gearboxes. Our Super Lube® Gear Oil is clean and can withstand the extreme conditions of mining. Additionally, because our materials are synthetic, there should be a real energy savings as Super Lube® will enable the gearboxes to run cooler. With many applications including the lubrication of conveyors, coal crushers, hoists, air tools, water pumps, air fans, roof bolters, ARO Sandvik bolters, Joy cram bolters, continues miners, cutter gearboxes, pins rams, drift drives and much more!

Super Lube® High Temperature Extreme Pressure Grease is designed for use on open gears and other severe applications like mining draglines, and shovels, ball mills and kilns. Our grease is used in various brick plants to lubricate the wheels on the trucks that take the bricks into the kilns.

Today's mining equipment such as draglines, loaders, shovels, excavators, haulers, and other earth moving equipment often runs at maximum stress and heavy loads. Conventional lubricants are unable to withstand such demands. The result can be costly in terms of equipment failure, repair, or replacement. Downtime takes a toll on mine productivity and profitability. With Super Lube® Synthetic lubricants, you can count on maximizing your equipment uptime - and your profitability. Our lubricants are formulated to improve equipment performance, reduce downtime, cut operating costs, and extend equipment life.



We understand that your equipment has to perform on the surface or underground, in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Our greases, oils and fluids for mining are formulated to deliver outstanding equipment protection over an extreme range of temperatures and environmental conditions.