When salt and sand get lodged in the wheel of a baby stroller, it can create a loud squeaking noise and create a rocky ride for its tiny passenger. Super Lube® can help.

A manufacturer of high-quality strollers has begun shipping their strollers with 1 cc packets of Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with Syncolon® (PTFE). This stroller company chose Super Lube® for a number of reasons, including:

  • Unlike some competitors, Super Lube® is compatible with the plastic and polymer materials used in the making of the stroller, ensuring that there will be no damage done to the stroller.
  • Super Lube® does not contain metal additives, making it the perfect lubricant for applications where plastic is in contact with other plastics.
  • Super Lube® is safe for human contact, ensuring that any excess material in the repair process is non-harmful.
  • Super Lube® is clean; transporting these strollers will not cause excess grease marks around the home, in your car, or anywhere else.
  • Super Lube® has excellent water resistance and rust inhibiting properties, meaning that a rainy day will not put your stroller out of commission.

Super Lube® is trusted for items as delicate and important as a baby stroller and is strong enough to be relied upon in industrial factories. Super Lube® Grease lives up to the Multi-Purpose name. If it slides, rolls, swivels or squeaks, Super Lube® it!

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