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The iconic Kroil name has become synonymous with the very best penetrating oils and lubricants for industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), and professional specialty trade markets.

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Millions of miles of pipeline lay in the United States, carrying water, oil, and more. These pipelines are vulnerable to interior and outside corrosion, splitting, third party damage, cracking, and assembly imperfections. When a pipeline carrying water breaks, it generally does not hurt the earth. However, if an oil pipeline spills, it can lead to disaster. Modern technology allows for the frequent monitoring and repair of these pipes to prevent such situations.

A leading manufacturer of pipeline inspection and rehabilitation equipment provides the necessary tools for both pipeline inspection and repair. These range from robotic cameras/camera transporters, manhole inspection equipment, multi-sensor inspection profiling systems, and more. For this important heavy-duty job, this company needed a lubricant that they could rely on. They turned to Super Lube®.

With excellent water resistance, Super Lube® synthetic lubricants succeed where conventional products fail. The result is a full line of products that increase productivity, decrease downtime, and extend the life machinery while providing cost-effective and trouble-free maintenance. This company uses Super Lube® at on various grease points on their equipment.