Family of Brands

The iconic Kroil name has become synonymous with the very best penetrating oils and lubricants for industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), and professional specialty trade markets.


Viscosity, or the thickness of the oil, is important because it determines the lubricant's film strength and efficiency in preventing friction between moving parts. Thick oil has a high viscosity, and thin oil has a low viscosity.

If oil is too thick for the operating conditions, the machine must work harder, thus generating heat and using more energy. Over time, this will create unnecessary wear and tear on the machine. Conversely, if a lubricant is too thin, the film may not be thick enough to prevent friction. This too will create unnecessary wear and tear on the machine.

Super Lube® products come in a wide range of viscosities, with high flash and fire points, with low volatility and pour points. These oils are enhanced with anti-corrosive properties and will not form harmful abrasive deposits while in use. Super Lube® Synthetic Oils exhibit excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.

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